Strange fish

How does it feel to see a dead body floating in the sea like a strange fish? This film evokes the absurdity of Zarzis, a tunisian fishermen town on the border of war torn Libya, where fishing became a source of fear. Here, we meet Salah Mecherek, Chamseddine Bourassine, and Chamseddine Marzoug. Every time Salah goes out at sea, he fears to bump into something strange. After the Tunisian revolution, Chamseddine Bourassine founded the Association of the fishermen with the objective to coordinate the response to the rising migration crisis, while Chamseddine Marzoug ended up with the most horrific job: he became the gravedigger of the unknowns.

Soggetto / Concept: Giulia Bertoluzzi
Regia / Direction: Giulia Bertoluzzi
Direttore della fotografia / Cinematographer: Matteo Ferrarini
Montaggio / Editing: Ariadna Ribas

Produzione / Production: Matteo Pecorara | Small Boss (Italy)
Con il sostegno di / With the support of: CIHAEM Bari, through the NEMO project

Sales Agent Internazionale / Internation Sales Agent: New Docs (Germany)