The sound reveals what we are, our own way of feeling, our own intention, to listen to our own sound, even when we are silent, is like tuning meticulously the most precious music instrument. Our three protagonists, each with their own peculiar soundscape, are unconventional characters in Japan, representative of a world shaped by global cultural flows. For Mayumi, opening up to the world is an aware choice to face life. Kyotaro and Emiko belong to an ethnoscape for which the language, nationality, therefore the identity are fluid representations rather than fixed and permanent data. What they have in common is the pursuit of their own identity, in the broadest sense of the term. What varies among them is their consciousness level of it. Globalization, social media, and more recent migrations are questioning our sense of self and belonging. Can focusing on sound be the “sonar “ that brings us home?

Soggetto / Concept: Elisa Motta
Regia / Direction: Elisa Motta, Matteo Ferrarini

Produzione / Production: Matteo Pecorara | Small Boss (Italy)
Con il sostegno di / With the support of: Regione Emilia-Romagna