‘Ethbet!’ means ‘Hold on!’ and was what the revolutionaries of Tahrir Square cried out to encourage their friends to resist during the uprising that began in Cairo on 25 January 2011. Now, ten years after Egypt’s failed revolution, what has happened to the revolutionaries? What happens when a military regime, despite multitudes of street protests enthusiastically covered by all the world’s media, manages to strengthen rather than fall?

Soggetto / Concept: Matteo Ferrarini
Regia / Direction: Matteo Ferrarini
Direttore artistico / Artistic Director: Francesco Vecchi
Direttore della fotografia / Cinematographer: Riccardo Bottoni, Matteo Ferrarini
Montaggio / Editing: Diego Berrè
Musiche originali / Original music: Muria (Mauro De Pietri)

Produzione / Production: Matteo Pecorara | Small Boss (Italy)
In coproduzione con / In coproduction with: Paula Palacios | Palacios Films (France), Stéphane Rigotti | Agent Double Productions (Belgium)
Con il sostegno di / With the support of: Regione Emilia-Romagna, France Télévisions, RTBF Télévisions Belge

Sales Agent Internazionale / Internation Sales Agent: Visible Film (Belgium)