At the beginning of the twentieth century a group of ill fated people marched for months to reach the immense diamond deposits in Poxorèu, Mato Grosso. Buracos, brings us their story, a different story of Brazil, far from the stereotypes we all know. As soon as the rush for the diamonds was over, the only legacy left by the exploitation of the local resources was the inability of creating a structured society. A young theatre director, who left Poxorèu at a young age, has come back to re-enact the lives lived by the elders of the town, and to try and explain the roots of their culture. Because people without culture cannot exist.

Soggetto / Concept: Matteo Ferrarini, Matteo Pecorara, Luca Soncini
Regia / Direction: Matteo Ferrarini
Animazioni / Animation: Gabriella Pezzani
Direttore della fotografia / Cinematographer: Matteo Ferrarini
Montaggio / Editing: Renato Lisanti
Musiche / Music: Giulio Vecchi

Produzione / Production: Matteo Pecorara | Small Boss (Italy)
Con il sostegno di / With the support of: Associação Partilhar (Brasil)