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Small Boss, based in Parma and Barcelona, has been established as a cinema production company active in creative documentaries with a strong international potential and small scale fiction films. Being relatively young, this boutique production company has been involved in a small number of projects. Small Boss is also active in commercial projects in the distribution of its own productions and co-productions. We are present at IDFA every year, as well as in some other markets. For the production of his works, Small Boss can avail itself of a big network of professionals, long time working in television and cinema industry. “Dall’altra parte della storia” (On the other side of the story/history) is the claim, summarizing the nature and style of Small Boss: giving voice to little known stories, in a charming narrative style, involving the viewer inside the events...

Matteo Ferrarini

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Matteo Ferrarini was born in Parma in 1983. He graduates in Cinema at D.A.M.S., University of Bologna in 2010, where he chose to work with the documentary genre. His first work, Jali Road, was selected at the Rome Independent Film Festival in 2011, in the category DocumentaRIFF National Documentary Competition and won the special award at Collecchio Film Festival 2011. Buracos participated at RIFF 2013 and at the Ischia Film Festival 2014. His last work, Nar per fer, coproduced with Decima Rosa and the contribution of Trentino Film Fund participated at the 63rd Trento Film Festival.

Matteo Pecorara

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Matteo Pecorara is an independent producer of creative documentaries and event organiser, gradueted at the University of Parma. After producing as indipendent the first two documentaries of Matteo Ferrarini - Jali Road and Buracos – he opened Small Boss in 2014, for which he pitches projects in international markets.